AI and QA the new best friends?

Is AI the viable future of QA? Leveraging AI in the newly emerging QA world. Over the recent years, it’s evident that software development has significantly evolved and outgrown itself quite massively, bringing up some expected and complementary advances in the testing field. Other than a relentless marketing drive towards DevOps, some NexGen modern software […]

Corporate events and QA

BTS2022 from the QA point of view. The Bengaluru Tech Summit was indeed an event that stood up to its catchphrase being targeted as Asia’s largest tech Summit. And we weren’t surprised why it should have been otherwise. Bengaluru has been the famed silicon valley of India for years now and has successfully bred many […]

In-house vs outsourcing QA: What works better and why?

Hire the Expert QA professionals you need for the growth that you want! Whether your business is in finance, healthcare, education, or any industry in the world, we have experts in QA to ensure your checklist has the right KPIs to skyrocket your business growth metrics. Did you know? Unfortunately, there are businesses needing to […]

How to achieve Automation in Enterprise Software Testing?

We are all aware of the fact that Automation is the most logical way to achieve Quality in the product. But when we talk about Enterprise level Automation then it is not only testing, rather it includes development, IT operations, QA and business teams. The major problem here is scaling it at Enterprise level, which […]

CICD Integration With Selenium Testing

CICD helps continuously test and integrate different teams’ efforts to accelerate software releases with utmost quality. Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery has been gaining a lot of attention & the most hyped topic in the DevOps world. And the CICD pipeline in a nutshell, it might be described as a script which defines your workflow. […]

What is the biggest challenge in QA?

QA is often termed as a bottleneck on a rainy day. But it necessarily always doesn’t end up being so. Although we need testing and we need it right now. There are ways to get past those biggest snarl ups every QA tester faces at some point in time. Although we can surely say, “Undeniably […]