DevOps Testing 101

A Complete Guide to DevOps Testing Introduction DevOps is often much more than just a mutual collaboration effort between the development and the operations teams working together. And it’s definitely much more than deploying industry standard methodologies, tools and practices. DevOps is a reformative mindset, a shift in the software work culture, where teams adopt […]

Sprinting Through the Holidays

A Scrum Master’s Guide to Navigating the Festive Maze Introduction In the world of Agile development, staying on track can sometimes feel like traversing a dense jungle. You meticulously plan your path, only to find unexpected obstacles blocking your way. For some Scrum enthusiasts, holiday season can specially be those unforeseen challenges that threaten to […]

History of Quality Assurance

The Evolution of Software Testing – Thought Frameworks Edition Introduction The increasing emphasis on the timely delivery of a quality software has undoubtedly made software testing an inseparably integral part of the rapidly evolving world of Software Development. Right since the invention of computers back in 1822 and straight to the current era of IoT […]

Career Avenues

Navigating QA Career Journeys Introduction The role of software testing has emerged as a critical component in ensuring quality, reliability, and functionality for most of the software applications out there and if you’re someone possessing a keen eye for detail, a love for problem-solving, and an affinity for technology, then the diverse career options within […]

September Highlights

A heartfelt Note dedicated to All Our Software Testers This September September 2023 Dear Thought Frameworkers, As the digital world continues to expand, the importance of most of your roles as software testers is becoming much more evident than ever before. This Tester’s Day, we take a moment to appreciate the incredible journey you’re on […]

The Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper’s contributions in Testing and shaping the Modern Digital landscape Introduction In the world of tech, there are a few revolutionaries who have left an indelible mark. One such brilliant woman is undoubtedly Grace Hopper, an unmatched computer scientist whose contributions to the field of software testing have truly and quite fundamentally transformed the […]

All About ISTQB

Understanding ISTQB Certification and Its Significance Introduction In the landscape of software development, the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certification is a guiding light for aspiring software testers. This mandated certification delves into the compelling reasons why it holds such a crucial place in the careers of most software testing professionals. What is ISTQB […]

All about The Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug: Incident of Global Vulnerability and Resilience Introduction In the vast realm of cybersecurity, threats, and vulnerabilities constantly lurk around while challenging the safety and integrity of the digital world. Among these, one infamous bug sent shockwaves through the internet, forever altering the landscape of online security – the Heartbleed Bug. Here’s the […]

Cloud Native Application Testing 101

A Complete Guide to Cloud Native Application Testing Introduction Applications that are specially created and built to make use of cloud computing platforms are known as “cloud-native” applications. These applications are developed utilizing a set of guidelines and tools that support scalability, resilience, and agility in a cloud setting. Cloud-native application testing refers to testing […]

Performance Re-engineering 101

A Complete Guide to All Things Performance Re-engineering Introduction Performance re-engineering, also known as performance optimization or performance tuning, is the process of increasing the efficiency, responsiveness, and resource utilization of a system, application, or process. It involves identifying and fixing performance bottlenecks, reducing response times, and increasing total throughput. Performance reengineering is the radical […]