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Employee Appreciation Day x Thought Frameworks

Candid conversations: Sreevalli BS, Head of QA Delivery at Thought Frameworks


Annual Employee Appreciation Day is a worldwide event, observed usually on the first Friday in March, quite surprisingly this year it falls right on the 3rd of the month. Introduced by Dr. Bob Nelson while celebrating his iconic book 1,001 Ways to Reward Employees famously included reminders for employers to thank their employees whenever they do well. This yearly event has since helped thousands of MNCs across the globe to co-create a Progressive Culture of Recognition in their respective organizations with some added significance to the ideals of employee retention, performance orientation, and talent acquisition.

The month of March has also been synonymous with celebrating women and International Women’s Day (IWD) is all about addressing the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women across all domains. This day also calls for action to accelerate gender parity and help in bridging the gap.

So for this March, our best employee had to be a fierce ♀️ woman, who’s been the soul of our testing teams since Day 1. Sreevalli BS Head of QA Delivery, at Thought Frameworks, is an exceptional QA groundbreaker with over two decades of varied experience under her belt. She is an uncompromising leader in her own right in the growing world of Indian quality assurance and software testing for many good reasons.

Today we get to know her journey, how it feels to contribute over 20 years to the industry, her thoughts on her daughter, and lastly uncovering her future dreams for her projects and team members. It’s all in here straight from her heart –

Why did you choose software testing as a full-time career?

Being curious & detail oriented by nature, it was easy for me to tap into the right skills for getting into QA/QC while discovering new domains like health care, finance, Pharmacovigilance, and so on, and having worked in hands-on roles & enjoying all complex projects, like database testing, ETL, Business Analytics, data migration projects, Validation testing projects. I have tirelessly been the core test engineer in my career alongside being the team lead.

How have you been at it for so many years?

I have worked in other roles before getting into testing, as faculty at NIIT where I was taught software tools, languages, and Operating systems for almost 2 years. I also worked as a programmer at the Indian council of medical Research, Later I got an opportunity in testing at Ionidea that made me focus further on such opportunities. Subsequently, I started enjoying new roles like being the QA lead, Project Manager, and so on, I didn’t realize I had spent 17 years in the business already.

When we have passion for the work, we always end up doing great!

At Thought Frameworks, I enjoy my work. Leading a strong team across all fields, like Functional, Automation, Performance, Security, and Quality Excellence. We are truly geared to give the best quality products to the market. Having a well defined process to manage the testing projects independently, we have happy clients working with us in the long term.

Can you recall the most interesting client or project you handled?

Yes, Validation project for a pharma company, where I was responsible for the Complete product deployment process to be showcased along with execution to the client, I had to work for 8+ hours and answer all the queries the client asked during the execution following the installation guide, this was particularly challenging – being constantly monitored and simultaneously winning over client confidence.

What do you say to your team to get them motivated every single day?

I always appreciate the team when they perform well, and I don’t wait till the performance appraisals any time :), communicate regularly, understand their challenges, and support them to resolve them carefully, I always focus on their career growth paths based on their skills and potential. I honestly convey issues in a team member’s performance and consciously guide them to be better.

How has your role as a leader in QA and tech inspired your daughter's outlook on her future?

She always imbibes my personality traits like my confidence, interpersonal skills, my passion to work, and my curiosity to learn new things. She knows my long journey in the Software Industry, especially in Testing! She is currently pursuing her engineering, and I am sure she will do well 🙂 and be a great leader herself down the line!!

How would you love to see your junior team members come up to represent future women leaders in QA?

That’s my biggest dream, seeing my team members climb up the ladder, I consciously keep helping them to pick up the required skills that are necessary for them to grow! And I am always happy to see my team members consistently evolve as field experts. Many of them are team leads today.

Who's the most inspirational woman in your life? Your personal thoughts on this women's day?

Sudha Murthy! Simple humble lady, a bundle of good things about her!! And my Mother, who was a great homemaker! I have learned a lot from both! Women are so versatile, having great strength to manage any situation both at work and home. I love being a woman, and although I faced innumerable challenges throughout life, I have managed to handle them confidently and with grace. I strongly feel all women need to be respected and cared for immensely as they undoubtedly deserve it! And together we can all co-create that future starting today. Everyday.

Final Thoughts

March 3rd this year is a special day that should be truly centered around employees who make magic happen every single day.

Even if a little goes a long way, the slightest bit of recognition can surely create a huge impact on employee motivation. Research has shown that feeling appreciated increases morale, enhances engagement, and impacts turnover. Employee recognition has even been proven to boost oxytocin levels— (the happy hormone created while social bonding)!

As clients never come first. Employees do. And in fact, once they’re motivated, clients do get that cyclical value addition back in return always.

This March we continue to work towards creating an equal opportune world for both men and women and encourage them to be the best support mechanism for both our organization’s successful present and its promising future.

That being said, Sreevalli BS has undoubtedly been the real backbone behind the timely delivering all successful Thought Frameworks projects to its clients over the last decade. With tirelessly aiming for perfection she has aced the art of balancing her work & family life commitments and is an inspiration to all her young team members building their careers under her expert guidance and endless support.


We Thank You Sreevalli For Candidly Sharing This Journey With Us at TF!

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