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How to grab some eyeballs at any tech event

10 things we did that you must prep to set up an impactful booth at any corporate or tech events!


Tech summits are on the rise now, post the last two years of boring virtual meets- courtesy the pandemic.

And if you’re set to exhibit at such an event, here’s a list of some key preparatory measures that you must take to create an impactfully lasting impression on your visitors. We can tell from our experience at the recently held Bengaluru Tech Summit 20222, where our bug hunters caught everyone’s attention for some pretty good reasons.

TF Event
1 Prepare and design an impactfully creative backdrop

Our backdrop was the talk of the town at BTS 2022, our QA bug hunters caption made headlines and caught people talking and curiously interested in what our stall had to offer. A fun backdrop can surely set you apart from the rest at any mass tech or corporate exhibition & event, undoubtedly making you the star of the show . So we suggest investing time in deciding a good one for yours.

2 Add fun elements

Since we were tagged as the bug hunters of evermore , we had to add something fun to highlight our uniqueness in the tech field. We decided to go along with some funky bug shaped foil balloons, and propped them up on our stall. Not only was it an instant hit with visitors eyeing these colorful decor items and dropping by simultaneously, we also grabbed some interesting paparazzi attention and shutterbug clicks too.

3 Get interacting

Get talking, after all that’s the point of an exhibit. We were up on the QA game when it came to this event. Prepare a list of questions that you think might be relevant and frequently asked by visitors and professionals stopping by at your stall alike. Get interactive, ask them about their background and quiz them on your domain and what is that they found interesting.

4 Stay well coordinated

Make sure your team is well coordinated and know exactly what to avoid and what to say. Come across as an organic whole, with your organization being represented as a living organism and you representing its various facets as an integral part of the whole.

5 Visit the event site pre-inauguration

It might sound trivial, but it’s certainly not. Visiting the event site prior to the inaugural day, helps to map out the event and know exactly where your stall is. It also helps to know your neighbor’s stalls and other exhibitors along the way and also ensures you get a good sneak peek at behind the scenes for any last minute fixups.

6 Keep notes

It’s obvious, to keep a handy database of all your visitors. Alongside marking their queries and contact details. It can be a lot easier that way to catch up for a brief follow up email later on post the event.

7 Be presentable

Be at your physical best when attending such events. Fresh morning enthusiasm shouldn’t die down during the long days. Be cheerful and smile to spread confidence among visitors, engaging them to interact further with you and know more about your business.

8 Ace time management skills

That’s key when managing overwhelming visitors at large open tech events or summits. Be sure you invest your time well and make sure to interact even if possible briefly and courteously to all visitors irrespective of their relevance to your business. Be polite and manage your time well.

9 Be informed

Have the event schedule downloaded for easy access with all information to hall names, delegate meetings and inaugural sessions all marked up with timings. We suggest you screenshot it, in case you might face issues with internet access.

10 Learn as you go

Pick up any new skill that you learnt along the way and apply it to improve your overall presentability (exhibitor) skills and carry forward your experiences from every such event you’ve attended to the next one in future.

Here were 10 profitable tips that helped us ace at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022, hope they can help you too at the next big upcoming event out there.

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