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Experimenting with Free QA Tools Stack

The coming of age Free Open Source QA tools stack that Pros can try and use.


We’re talking about the best available free open source modern tools list that’s a must have for achieving that optimum QA coverage.

Being a QA tester is surely easier when you’ve got the right tools in your stack doing all the hard work for you. And that is really very important, for a thoroughly diligent all-in QA protocol compliance carrying a lot of responsibility on any product team out there, and meanwhile, it’s also equally important enough to ensure that its end users and customers are delivered with an awesome experience every time. So what’s the best way to go about it?

But with so many tools out there flooding the markets, it’s hard to know where to start looking. Here’s why this compiled set of modern open source tools stack is absolutely befitting for every QA tester’s needs. Each and every tool mentioned on this list is also added a generous free tier so getting started is easy without even spending a cent. Quite literally.

Install these and try them out (after all they are absolutely free!) and get ready to impress your QA teams and ease all workflows.

In end to end QA, checking in- what end users see when visiting the product or application page from different geo locations across countries is a dire tracking necessity, especially when displaying different details for each of them. Unfortunately, it's simply not feasible manually and that’s where the TunnelBear tool comes right in.
Having to deal with an application that serves multiple countries, a handy VPN is essential. Try and use TunnelBear seamlessly can work on multiple devices, both desktop and mobile
It’s easy to install and get started by selecting a new country IP address to connect from it in just under a few seconds. Eureka!

QA requires form resubmissions to complete the same data fields. Doing that manually could be simply wasting hours of work per week, and the answer to it lies in deploying a top notch form filling tool for it.
Fake Filler is the simplest way to fill input fields with fake auto generated data. As a highly repetitive and time consuming task, but with fake filler installed in, expect to save hours of work per week by auto filling dummy data and reusing it anytime needed.

Almost all QA companies will already have a bug tracking tool in place, so there isn't much to pick from. But if there's a scope for experimenting, Asana is surely an easy one to start with, it's pre-designed to be simple with an out of the box functionality that works without much needed configuration.
Asana can be leveraged as an easy to go user-friendly bug tracker board. Along with it, create multiple Kanban boards to map in and visualize bugs at different stages of the product or application you’re running the QA for.
Get a crystal clear view of where the most defects were encountered and the clean tool interface ensures you won't lose out on any productivity in the shuffling process.

In QA, some of the high priority issues to prevent are often those related to signups and logins. It's practically impossible to create countless email inboxes on a company’s domain, so getting the job done requires some temporary inboxes.
Mailinator is vouched by QA testers to route the seamless implementation of SMS and email workflows. Also, making the testing of the most basic functions of the software, such as sign-ups, logins, and password resets, a whole lotta easier.

In QA, a well known requisite is testing across different cross browsers and devices. If executed manually, it usually takes a lot of time. That's solely why a cross-platform testing tool like LambdaTest exists.
LambdaTest is a test automation platform that can be scaled to test web applications on over 2000+ combinations of browsers, and real iOS or Android devices.
When testing any web application with a UI, matching compatibility with end-user platforms is an absolute key to delivering a seamless end user experience.
What's more? LambdaTest has an absolutely free 3 minute testing session, that although might seem short, still runs as the best free option available across the entire tools stack market.

TestRail is a web-based open-source test case management tool used by most QA testers, developers and other stakeholders to manage, track and organize all software testing efforts. It follows a centralized test management concept that helps in easing mutual intercommunication and enabling rapid task development across all test teams and stakeholders alike. TestRail also supports multi-reporting features. Auto Generating detailed summary reports for projects, milestones, plans, and Runs ins. Thereby helping to assess the overall workload of the entire team. Test rail also equally helps in seamlessly executing the following additional tasks as well.

It also helps to recover data.
Generates and downloads full system backups.
Migrates and imports existing test cases from
Excel and legacy data tools.
Exports data into CSV, XML, and Excel files.

A successful QA deployment rests primarily on managing and creating the test cases to prioritize and test. And for that, the Notion Template is a tool that can be used right away!
Think of Asana as the task lister, with its template as the checklist: Ask the question 'Ensure we have no regressions left in the product?'.
With the added need for secure sign-ins, logins, and screenshot/video functionalities are working as a High priority on every version. Notion template surely won't disappoint.

In QA, the core tool in use is undoubtedly a screen capturer used to screenshot and record videos/visuals of the logged in issues and defects. The screen capturer is something without which no bug report can ever be complete.
Jam is the screen recording tool used by 15,000+ high-quality software, to fasten up. It beautifully integrates with popular issue tracking tools, such as Asana, taking just a click to file bugs and track other issues by using Jam.
Making it extremely easy to capture and report bugs without much context switching, with the tickets created automatically including all the console logs/network requests/info that expert QA engineers need.

Parting Thoughts

To conclude, we're sure the above free tools should get one started on the right path in QA. And remember, when you need extra help to report bugs faster at your job this stack can always literally end up saving the day.

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