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Top 9 Books To Make You The Ultimate QA Connoisseur.

Did you always think gaining some autonomous knowledge on QA engineering can be a complex path that only some brave people can handle? But while there are things to learn and relearn, there’s definitely some good fodder to read and try to practice on. Also, is there a way to do all these QA tasks much faster?
As an answer to that above question.
We have decided to pick up the absolute QA must-have books that could potentially fasten the passage of this relearning curve. Stop thinking, & start reading: here’s a selection of some must-read material and the lists of QA Magnum Opuses with specific odes on insane software testing superpowers to make you the ultimate QA connoisseur!

A Testers Treasure Trove – TOP 9 Books on Software Testing that you need in your QA library.

A book can always be the best mentor. And we suggest, if you read at least one worthy publication on software testing every month, you’ll soon be bound to have the requisite field know-hows and distinguish yourself from nearly all QA masters around. But the important question is: how to find the right books that are worth both your precious time and effort?

From the very basics of QA frameworks to the annals of software development and progressive logic of causal links, here are all the best top listed books selected by the Thought Frameworks team that will turn you into a QA superhero for real:

Read it cause: It is an exhaustive introductory reference demonstrating how to test software applications using process guidelines, checklists, and custom templates for every testing activity. It also covers the latest software industry regulatory developments in its revised edition. It is indeed a complete self-assessment manual that readers, especially testers, can use to identify the specific guidance they need for successfully managing a software product's quality.

You will learn: The proven testing tools and techniques, measuring software process variabilities, maximizing QA best practices, building on product strengths, and identifying a structured approach to testing.

Read it cause: Oriented more at seasoned senior QA engineers, this book shows how the best of the best AKA the creme de la creme of QA specialists ace their testing skills. Giving an overview of Google's ways of testing software, followed by chapters dedicated solely to the two test engineers at Google, which are the roles of a Software Engineer in Test (SET) and a Test Engineer (TE) respectively. The book has sections and interviews with Google employees, and the final chapter is dedicated to some of the thoughts on the direction of QA at Google.

You will learn: It's full of QA anecdotes that make one realize how Google possibly could have taken some different QA choices for some of their in-house testing solutions and been equally if not more successful. Makes for an interesting read for sure.

Read it cause: Want to explore the regular tasks all QA engineers usually have? This book is the right mixture of theory and practice on the essence of handling a daily QA job well.

You will learn: As an exhaustive QA classic, you will find details on specific testing techniques, approaches, and test ideas segregation by data types, risks, and information inputs. Mapping in all the needed QA concepts and pathways straight in your mind.

Read it cause: It's a perfect introductory text to the software testing world, this book opens up doors for absolutely all things test, including frameworks, approaches, methodology and techniques for ensuring supreme software quality.

You will learn: All fundamentals, strategies, and QA procedures. While the average trained tester or a QA expert with years of experience might find this too basic, it’s still worth flipping through for an ingenious new idea or two once in a while.

Read it cause: Old is gold, this QA cult has the ultimate goals listed to ensure industry best practices are followed every time to deliver top-notch quality software products in the most effective way.

You will learn: Almost everything from web testing to security testing, compatibility testing, and automation, it's an absolute comprehensive guide on all the QA essentials. The book was last updated in the 2005 edition.

Read it cause: It's a real craftsmanship manual on QA and software testing for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

You will learn: The book is for those who have already comprehended the introductory manuals of QA and software testing. Here we will be dealing with much more serious in-depth domain specific topics such as code-based (structural) and specification-based (functional) testing protocols in full swing.

Read it cause: This quirky new age book walks us through building the right mindset needed to focus, foremost, on every end user’s experience highlighting their goals whenever accessing a website or application.

You will learn: This book deals with usability, an important point in testing. The narrative style and circle are easy, it's witty, and humorous and tells about what usability is, why it's needed, and ways to make the end-user happy. Period!

Read it cause: It's filled with practical examples and has guided exercises described in the simple style of an explanatory narrative flow form.

You will learn: This book does a commendable work of providing practical, real-life approaches to navigating the domains of test analysis, design, and execution quickly and efficiently.

Read it cause: it's a must-read for anyone who wants to grow in the field of QA testing. It shares an alternative aspect of QA; namely, on how other top testers do their work and excel at it at the same time.

You will learn: Each chapter is written by a different author(s), with a king's share of real life experiences and experienced field knowledge on testing. For instance, learn everything about test processes, procedures, testing tools, and make the most of these tips in real-world QA environments. In other words, this book epitomizes the fount of QA wisdom!

The Final Word

As Hemingway famously said:

"There is no friend as loyal as a book."

Quite similarly the path to realizing the absolute QA superpowers of a software testing connoisseur might not be the easiest one. But with the right books sitting on your shelf it might be an added resource to ace everything QA faster. And most importantly, after reading this list, you will be truly able to TEST your knowledge of QA for good. (The Pun was intended).

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