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Unveiling the Career Conundrum

Decoding our March Women's Day Special Poll


This March we had asked 

What percentage of women are not pursuing their careers despite having an excellent educational qualification in India? 

With a majority of 80%, voting for option D (more than 30%) calls for a deeper investigation into the heart of the matter. 

Pathways toward a more inclusive and equitable future

With only a low percentage of women actively engaged in the workforce, it’s imperative to understand the factors contributing to this disparity. Studies consistently show that education plays a pivotal role in empowering women economically. According to research from the World Bank, for every additional year of education a woman receives, her earning potential increases by up to 20%. Moreover, education equips women with the skills and confidence needed to navigate professional environments, breaking down barriers to entry and advancement.

According to recent data from the Indian government’s Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, the answer might just not surprise you. 

It turns out that in reality option D) More than 30% of highly educated women in India aren’t actively pursuing their careers. Yes, you read that right – more than a third of women with excellent educational qualifications are hitting the brakes on their professional aspirations.

The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), which shed further light on this complex issue. Their research suggests that factors such as societal norms, family responsibilities, and lack of suitable job opportunities significantly deter educated women from entering or staying in the workforce.

At Thought Frameworks

We are a team led by over 70% women testers and have employees who have resumed work after years of sabbaticals and career gaps. We strongly believe that women are capable of whatever they wish for in life and we should be there by her side whenever she needs us the most. 

With leaders’ and mentors’ support round the clock,  most of our test teams have found inspiration and continued support to pursue their future in QA working tirelessly to achieve client satisfaction and deliver user friendly software around the world.

To address the challenges women face in rejoining the career track, we believe in

  •  Fostering environments that support their pursuit of financial independence. This can be achieved through initiatives that encourage mentorship, skill-building, and flexible work arrangements.
  •  Providing resources and advocacy for women seeking to re-enter the workforce.  implemented programs aimed at supporting women returning to work after career breaks, serving as inspiring examples of industry-wide initiatives.

The future we envision is one where partners and families actively support women in their professional aspirations. By promoting shared household responsibilities and fostering a culture of mutual respect and support, we can create environments conducive to women’s career advancement. Globally, governments and organizations must prioritize policies that promote gender equality in the workplace, including equal pay and parental leave. In India specifically, there is a need for targeted interventions to address cultural and societal barriers that hinder women’s participation in the workforce.

But amidst the barriers, there are glimmers of hope and resilience. Organizations like the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) and Educate Girls are working tirelessly to empower women through education and entrepreneurship, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable society.

Until our next poll, keep questioning, keep learning, and keep striving for a world where gender equality is not just a dream, but a reality.


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