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Mother’s Day Magic (Trivia)

What our TF Moms Have to Say


Someone out there had once truly said, “No one in your life will ever love you as your mother does”,  and for most of us, our moms are truly our soulmates and friend. The very first image of what we may one day grow up to be, and as we grow older and wiser, we do hopefully begin to appreciate & acknowledge more the unconditional love and steadfast determination they have passed on to us and keep doing so to date. Although across cultures there are many different names to call the person who gave us life, the essence of Motherhood remains the same.

And each year, there’s one special day dedicated to celebrating that incredibly unmatched strong woman in our lives. The only one who shaped us to be the people we are today. Our mothers are the true superwomen of our personal stories, and no matter the distance, it’s important to connect with her through your love and appreciation.

We undoubtedly cherish our moms all year round, and we of course should. But nevertheless, never mind passing up an extra opportunity to pamper them with a little extra love on this Mother’s Day.

To help fully express how much our mothers mean to us, we put together our multitasking superwomen MOMS at thought frameworks to talk about their personal empowering journey of motherhood, and here’s what they all have to say… . & we hope these thoughts spark a little extra joy while reading.

“I know the importance of creating a personal space when taking care of kids, it’s not always easy to be a mother and working professional at the same time, especially during the initial years of your child’s growth!! That being said, I ensure there’s flexibility for my team to celebrate motherhood not just at home, but also at work.”

Sreevalli BS (Head of QA)

We couldn’t agree more. Sreevalli hits the cord straight to our hearts.

“Somewhere in my mind I always had the guilt of quitting my job and career. Later, post-Covid, as many organizations came forward accepting work from home as the new norm, it really helped a lot of aspiring mothers like me to resume their careers.”
Ramya R (Sr. QA Analyst)

Ramya’s thoughts surely resonate with all the working mums out there.

“I am always grateful for the support and guidance TF has provided me throughout my journey as a working mom. I am also equally grateful to my family, as they always understood and supported me whenever I needed to balance my personal and professional responsibilities.”
Kirtana Sudhakar (Associate QA Analyst)

Kirtana is all praises for her familial support and we truly believe that behind every successful mother is her family. Period.

“I really really wanna thank and share lots of love to SREEVALLI maám, as she understood my personal commitments very well and gave me an opportunity to resume my career that promotes flexibility.”
Nithya MV (Associate QA Analyst)

Nithya is all praises for Sreevalli and we sure know how much a caring work environment pays off in a child’s upbringing.

“Motherhood is always special for every woman, It’s a mixture of all emotions. I learned to be more patient, careful, sensible, and alert at the same time. I am blessed to work with such great people here at TF that promote a healthy work culture which is the most important thing for career growth.”
Rashmi Devaraj (QA Analyst)

Rashmi is all bare bones in her true testament to motherhood, it’s raw and real and a learning curve of her journey through motherhood to love more and worry less.

“Most of the learnings I take away are from my own mother, without her support and guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to focus on the strengths that I didn’t know I had. My family is my biggest motivator, they have always taught me to be strong during tough times, delivery isn’t always an easy thing, but once I see my baby’s smile, all get better.”
Ankita Srivastava (Business Development)

Ankita is following suit, her mum being her true role model; she channelizes the spirit that we all share and feel somewhere.

“Every mother is special to her child. My mother has always been my role model, the biggest challenge which came across the way was to give my child that special attention without compromising on my dreams and aspirations, and my ultimate objective as a mother is not to make my kid happy rather it is to see them fulfilled.”
Divya Kavali (QA Analyst)

Setting up the right aspirations and values is the essence of being a good mother and we’re over the moon that Divya fully understands and personally embodies that sense of responsibility to its fullest possible extent. Proud Moment.

“I keep hearing about the culture of inclusion, but this is when I experienced it when leaders like Sreevalli & Bhasker looked into my past experience and provided an opportunity. Now here I am, starting my career once again and feeling confident being in such a great environment and working with people who have faced similar challenges like me.”
Kavita (Sr. Quality Analyst)

Kavita is among many working mums out there head starting their careers with full steam post pandemic and we couldn’t support them more for enough reasons.

“My journey as a mother has been the best part of my life. Embracing all the wonderful things it has taught me. My career started after my son’s birth & it has helped me mature as a woman with patience and balance. My second baby has just arrived 3 months earlier. And i owe a big thanks to all who supported me during my pregnancy and the journey towards motherhood for the second time.”
Najma Musthafa (QA Analyst)

Najma’s second journey towards embracing motherhood surely melts our hearts to see her grow as a much stronger and more lovable woman. And we all sure can truly relate with her honest opinions without a doubt!

Parting Thoughts

Whether you have a fun, nerdy mom; a take-a charge mom who runs the house like an anchored ship; a snuggle up mom who loves to give hugs; a super cool mom who catches up on all the latest trends, or a tester mom who scours and scans software to log in all the bugs out there, it surely can be hard to put exactly what you love about her into words. (Don’t worry we outsourced the issue. & The Pun was intended).

These heartfelt messages from the moms at Thought Frameworks are honest (too honest? You may think).
While some are truly inspirational and some are just about being a mother, they all capture the strength of that mother-child bond and the unconditional love that goes with it.

If you’ve got a bond like this, do not forget to let her know how much you value your love and unparalleled relationship this Mother’s Day.

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