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Women Power In Security Testing

Security Testing: Top 5 Women Leading the Way

In the world of cybersecurity, women have been playing quite a crucial role in shaping the future of security testing. Despite being tagged as the traditionally male-dominated field, these five women have not only broken through those preconceived notions and social barriers but have also excelled beyond belief in their respective careers, becoming the most influential figures in the world of security testing. Take a closer look at their remarkable life and impeccable contributions that  make them stand out from the rest.

Katie is a prominent figure in the field of penetration testing and ethical hacking. With her vast knowledge and experience on security testing tools and protocols she has contributed significantly to the identification and mitigation of security vulnerabilities in various systems. Katie's dedication to security research and education has inspired many aspiring professionals in the cybersecurity domain.

As the Security Leader at OWASP, Katy Anton is deeply involved in security testing methodologies and proactive measures. She co-leads the OWASP Top Ten Proactive Controls, emphasizing secure coding techniques for developers.

In her role as Chief Resilience and Security Officer at Lloyds Banking Group, Sharon Barber oversees security testing initiatives to protect against cyber threats like ransomware and supply chain compromise. Her diverse team focuses on testing diverse cultures and challenging standard practices for enhanced security.

As the founder of Digital Interruption, Saskia Coplans champions security testing through innovative tools like REX, an Android application vulnerability scanner. She advocates for investing in automated security testing tools to bridge gaps in security for emerging technologies.

As a security analyst at Meta, Sophina Kio-Lawson specializes in web application security testing and data protection. Through initiatives like SheSecures, she promotes mentorship and support for women entering the field of cybersecurity.

Parting Thoughts

These five women have been surely exemplifying excellence and leadership in the field of security testing. And through their expertise, innovation, and advocacy, they surely continue to inspire and pave the way for such future generations of women in the cybersecurity domain. Creating more opportunities for women to not only thrive but lead and excel in this industry niche.

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