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Functional Testing

Summary of the Product

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Progress and Coverage
  • Tested multiple modules of code working together with Integration Testing.
  • Summarized test execution report at your fingertips from Daily/Weekly QA status reports, structured tickets validated release and detailed bugs status reports.
  • After-review actions were performed to achieve center of excellence and created a specific action plan for test cycle improvements.
  • User stories were tested well during the sprint.
  • Sprint duration was 2 weeks.
  • All the new feature test case execution and reporting.
  • Bug tracking tool “JIRA” used for compete bug management.
  • Test management tool “Test rail” used for complete test management.
  • Testing done in QA, Local, Stage Environment.
  • Limited testing in Production environment
  • Validating tickets on regular basis in each testing cycle.
  • Regular Retrospective meetings held with QA team to make sure regular learning imposed for the better testing.
Security Testing
  • Ensure that product is free from any loopholes that may cause a big data loss.
  • Test the Session Management.
  • Test the Error Handling; this includes the errors – 408, 400, 404, and others.
  • Test the Login authentications in detail.

Defect Reporting and test execution

  • Defect Management in JIRA tool.
  • Add red flag to all the defects logged.
  • Adding Developer tools screenshot in the Defects logged for better understanding on the issues logged using ‘Bird eats bug’ tool.
  • All the Blocker and Major defects communicated to the client as and when the investigation is complete for speeding up the fixes.


  • Not very detailed documentation available.
  • Environment set up
  • Unstable environment.
  • Early testing using Local environment.
  • Feedback from testing team needed to be rapid and supportive to development team.
  • Test cases need to be updated regularly.
  • At times changes done to the current testing environment.
  • Testing team created all the “test data” required for the features testing.
  • Testing under Time Constraint.
  • It is altogether a new domain where team had to put in some extra efforts to understand the domain.
  • Needed basic understanding of DevOps concepts as we were making our own builds.
  • Development team was a contract team, hence they were available only for few hours in a week.
  • Risk-Based Testing Approach.


  • Testing experience at initial concepts before investing in higher-level development.
  • Implemented Scrum process with Scrum Master from Thoughtframeworks and practiced agile scrum process.
  • Identified all the missing end user scenarios which had major impacts on the main product line.
  • Wrote Acceptance criteria for new User stories.
  • Bug Management tool “JIRA” was introduced to track defects.
  • Setting up Test rail for test execution.
  • Created all the “QA Process Documents” at the initial stage.
  • Excellent & professional coordination with development team for creative product development.


  • 1000+ plus feature test cases designed during the project tenure.
  • 800+ plus various defects identified, fixed and retested.
  • Few Suggestions turned up to be requirements/features in the product.