11. Cloud Native Application Testing

As we are moving towards cloud or re-architect the systems to be cloud native, our systems are becoming distributed by design and thus the potential for unplanned failure and unexpected outages increase significantly, our strategy for cloud native application testing is by fault tolerance, zero trust and chaos engineering.   Clients who have opted for […]

12. Regression Testing

By exceeding customers’ expectations for delivery and software quality, regression testing is one of the key components in gaining their trust. By including regression testing into the test cycle, organizations can demonstrate their proficiency in the efficient delivery of software.   Clients who have opted for this service More Details

13. Embedded Testing Services

Embedded testing is a process that checks the functional and non-functional attributes of both software and hardware in an embedded system in order to ensure that the final product is defect free. The primary goal of embedded testing is to determine whether or not the final product of embedded hardware and software meets the client’s […]

14. Game Testing

The exciting part of the game development process is the testing phase. There are so many amazing video games available, but before going on to the production release, each game gets tested carefully, during the game testing process.   Clients who have opted for this service More Details

15. SAP Testing Services

SAP functional testing is similar to any other software application testing, however, it distinguishes itself from other applications and systems in terms of the richness of functionality covering a wide range of companies’ operations, across industries. It’s a highly integrated application with multi-dimensional linkages, needing comprehensive knowledge of business processes and operations. More Details

16. ERP Product Testing

An organized evaluation procedure called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Product Testing is used to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of ERP software solutions. It entails thorough testing of various ERP modules and features to ensure that they correspond to industry standards, fulfill business objectives, and operate as intended. Integration testing to ensure smooth interfaces with […]

17. CRM Product Testing

Thought Frameworks way of tackling CRM Product Testing, and working with CRM implementation partners. More Details