1. Functional Testing

Our methodology is well structured and easily adaptable by providing complete flexibility to work with both startups and enterprises at their pace. From requirement to post production, our test plan & traceability matrix provide complete visibility on quality of the product.   Clients who have opted for this service More Details

2. Performance Reengineering

We have an innovative methodology to use one of the leading cloud services to enhance your performance needs by blending performance testing with reengineering techniques to enable business transformation of new and existing applications.   Clients who have opted for this service More Details

3. Process Excellence

Organizations adopt various methodologies to develop their processes in order to achieve their business objectives. There are various standards and practices organizations implement to achieve operational efficiencies We at Thoughtframeworks are experts in designing the processes specific to the organization’s business needs. Our expert consultants come with multiple industry process expertise, they deep dive into […]

4. Automation Testing

We are tool agnostic, and help organizations to upgrade/migrate their automation frameworks/tools for both mobile and web by configuring scripts to run automated tests in-house or on cloud premises like BrowserStack, that not only saves time but is also cost effective.   Clients who have opted for this service More Details

5. DevOps Testing Strategy

Seamless collaboration between development, test automation & operations teams is the key to achieve swift, continuous development & deployment. DevOps technology brings in the much-needed cultural shift across teams, improves quality, increases the response rate of the ever-evolving business changes. It also creates the right environment for the growth of software development engineers in testing. […]

6. Usability & Accessibility Testing

We compare the web/mobile applications with other similar applications to ensure the maximum usability (ease of use, efficiency & user-friendliness) of any product. We follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 recommendations for making Web content more accessible.   Clients who have opted for this service More Details

7. User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) also known as beta or end-user testing is defined as testing the software by the user or client to determine whether it can be accepted or not. UAT is performed by end users/Clients. It is a test phase that largely depends on the perspective of the end-users and the domain knowledge […]

8. Microservices Testing

We do a deep dive into the component and resource level of your technology stack by the right approach that uncovers the issues at various levels of the application architecture that is communicated by microservices.   Clients who have opted for this service More Details

9. Security Testing

We hunt for all the potential loopholes and weaknesses of the systems by investigating any sensitive information leakage and restrict unauthorized access to the application   Clients who have opted for this service More Details

10. IOT Testing

We ensure the quality of complex IoT solutions with a custom plan, smart test strategies, and the perfect approach using automation, simulation, virtualization and measurement tools that fits your software accordingly.   Clients who have opted for this service More Details