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In today’s world, With the rise in demand for complex applications and digitization of information in different business domains, it is very important to give focus on the security of the applications and products along with user experience and serving business purposes.

Key areas of software security testing services are system software security, Client-server application security, network security, Server Side application security.

Areas to focus on are, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, vulnerability management, source code review, Application security including web, web services, Thick clients, Mobile, cloud applications, etc, Devsecops Implementation, Red Teaming, cloud penetration services, Risk assessment.


Why are Security testing services required?

Cyber security is a very important aspect for any product to be developed, along with it serving the business purpose.

With increasing cybercrimes, we are seeing the outcome of what happens if the products are not secured enough to use. It's very important to make sure all the security aspects are taken care of along with product development, and well tested for all the vulnerabilities before it is released to production.

Cybersecurity is a vital part of a secure and well-ordered digital world. With the increasing cyber attacks, it is essential to protect our customers from attacks like Phishing, ransomware attacks, identity theft, data breaches, and financial losses.


Security Testing Services Bug Hunt Process

We help our customers develop applications securely at every stage of development, without having to compromise on user experience and agility.

We can help you identify the right set of DevOps toolchains for SCA (Source Code Composition Analysis), SAST (Static Application Security Testing), DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing), Container Security, and also get the products integrated into the DevOps lifecycle. End-to-end security testing is done and detailed reports will be shared.

We provide end-to-end application software security testing solutions for web applications, thick-client applications, and mobile native applications by embedding security controls at every stage of the software development life cycle.

We follow all six steps to secure every target: planning; reconnaissance and information gathering; scanning and discovery; attack and gaining access; maintaining access and penetration; and risk analysis and reporting.

Security Testing Tools

In order to perform a comprehensive real-world assessment, TF utilizes commercial tools, internally developed tools, and some of the same tools that hackers use on each and every assessment. Once again, our intent is to assess systems by simulating a real-world attack and we leverage many tools at our disposal to effectively carry out that task. 

We make use of tools from the following categories (not a complete list):

  • Commercial tools (i.e.: Nessus, AppScan, Nexpose)
  • Hacker tools (i.e.: Kali Linux, Nmap, Metasploit)


What happens if you don't perform Software Security Testing Service?

No products can be released to production today without checking the security aspects, in case the security of the applications is not taken care of, we are prone to hacking and vulnerabilities.

A lack of focus on cybersecurity can damage your business in a range of ways including:

Economic Costs

‍Theft of intellectual property, corporate information, disruption in trading, and the cost of repairing damaged systems

Reputational Cost

‍Loss of consumer trust, loss of current and future customers to competitors, and poor media coverage

Regulatory Costs

‍GDPR and other data breach laws mean that your organization could suffer from regulatory fines or sanctions as a result of cybercrimes.

The Thoughframeworkers and their experience in Security Testing

Adding value to Security Testing requirements:

Increase the number of development cycles

Achieve Resilience and ease of execution

Greater Scalability

Feature delivery in a timely manner.