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Thought Frameworks way of tackling “SAP Testing Services”


What is SAP Testing?

SAP functional testing is similar to any other software application testing, however, it distinguishes itself from other applications and systems in terms of the richness of functionality covering a wide range of companies’ operations, across industries. It’s a highly integrated application with multi-dimensional linkages, needing comprehensive knowledge of business processes and operations.

Performance and Scalability testing is relevant for performance critical business operations and the level of concurrent usage scenarios.


Why is “SAP testing” required?

SAP is very rich in functionality and caters to a wide variety of Industries, business process wise it offers numerous permutations and combinations. The reliable, Resilient, and Responsive working of the application is Super Critical for companies leveraging SAP. This warrants very comprehensive testing of SAP to validate the expected behavior of the application.

As SAP is operational in large and very large enterprises with several thousands of users, in several cases, the Performance and Scalability tests are critical as well.


What happens if you don't do “SAP system testing”?

SAP applications are deeply entrenched in Business Enterprises and play a very vital operational role, across varied industries and of varying sizes from a sales of few Million to several Billions of dollars across the globe. Any unexpected behavior of the SAP application will seriously impact the revenue/customer service/profitability of the organization.

In large scale usage scenarios, the SAP Application Performance as well as Scalability testing is warranted to avoid potential choking of business operations.


Process/TF’s Approach to SAP Testing?

We at Thoughtframeworks help with comprehensive SAP application testing, enabling SAP customers to Innovate processes and operations at a faster pace, Competitively.

We have highly experienced resources in the SAP platform and provide a wide range of services to accelerate SAP Customers’

  • SAP Version Upgrades
  • Release Cycles – periodic releases like Monthly, Quarterly, etc.
  • Rollouts to additional sites, Companies, Groups, etc.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures
  • Project Releases
  • Agile releases – CI/CD

We provide, Functional Testing automation for a wide range of SAP Modules and Systems, including, but not limited to:

  • Finance Accounting and Controlling – FICO
  • Treasury (TR)
  • Materials Management (MM)
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Quality Management (QM)
  • Production Planning (PP)
  • Warehouse Management (WM)
  • Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • Manufacturing Intelligence, Integration and Analytics (MII)
  • Master data governance (MDG)
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • SAP Analytics Cloud

The types of testing include:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Security / Role Based Testing
  • SAP Interface testing
  • Continuous Test automation

Multi stage – Multi Landscape system testing

  • Sandbox, Development, QA, Pre-Production
  • Landscape based Test Data management to drive progressive testing efficiently
  • Advanced Transportation Management
  • Governance Risk and Control (GRC)
  • SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)
  • SAP Marketing, Commerce, Sales, and Service Cloud

Integration with SAP Solution Manager for documentation

Provide testing service on multiple user interface technologies, like, GUI, SAP on Web, and SAP Mobile

SAP application on Cloud or On-Premise


SAP Testing Tools?

Thought Frameworks being a pure-play Testing services company, offers SAP testing on a variety of tools for Better Test Coverage, Efficiency, Speed of testing, Tester Productivity, and optimize Total Cost of Testing Services.

The Choice of automation tool/platform for a customer could depend on multiple factors like their Industry requirement (e.g. Pharma and Healthcare), their Corporate choice, the level of democratizing execution of automated scripts/sophistication/ease of execution, the Cost of Service, etc.

The Most popular functional SAP Test Automation tools include:

Tricentis Tosca
Micro Focus (QTP) UFt
Right Data
Avo Assure
Micro Focus Silk Test
Ranorex Studio

The Best SAP Performance Testing tools include:

Micro Focus LoadRunner
IBM Rational performance tester
Open STA


Our experience in “SAP Testing” at TF?

We have SAP experts with over 28 years of rich experience in multiple SAP Implementations, SAP Upgrades, establishing and operationalizing Testing CoEs for large companies national and Multinational companies across the globe, leveraging multiple testing tools/platforms.

Thought Frameworks is a highly focused testing services company, having deep skills in multiple testing tools and platforms, which is a clear differentiator.


What would be the right time to do this test?

There are multiple application and Business scenarios when the testing is relevant, like:

The post Go live Release Cycles – periodic releases like Monthly, Quarterly, etc.
Rollouts to additional sites, Companies, Groups, etc.
Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures
Project Releases
Agile releases – CI/CD
SAP Version Upgrades

Must Opt

What are the other testing services you must opt for along with “SAP Testing”?

Integration Testing with other associated enterprise applications



Access to Business Process and operational knowledge

The Data for Testing, both Master and Transactional data in all the testing instances of SAP, e.g. Development, QA, and Pre Production.