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Regression testing is the process of re-running a full or partial selection of previously executed test cases to verify that all features are still in place.


Why is Regression Testing Services required?

This testing service ensures that any new code changes won't negatively impact the functionality of already-existing systems. It guarantees that when the most recent code changes are made, the older code still functions.

By exceeding customers' expectations for delivery and software quality, regression testing is one of the key components in gaining their trust. By including regression testing into the test cycle, organizations can demonstrate their proficiency in the efficient delivery of software

Our Approach

Regression Testing Services Bug Hunt Process

We use an agile methodology, which makes risks more apparent early in the process of developing a project.

The QA team is aware of the requirements and begins designing test cases as part of each sprint. The test cases are prioritized as priorities 1, 2, and 3 depending on how they will affect the business.

All requirements, UI/UX, functional, integration, end-to-end system test cases, and micro services are included in the regression suite (based on the need of the product).

In accordance with the sprint's or release's scope, test cases are adjusted or added as part of each sprint.

Based on conversations with the product team and development team, the QA test lead will decide which sprints the whole regression suite needs to be executed.

The majority of the time, automation is favoured for the execution of regression suites, but occasionally, due to the complexity of the product, all test cases cannot be automated, necessitating the use of both human and automated testing.


What happens if you don't do Regression Testing?

Software regression testing seeks to do continuous testing and prevents bugs from leaking into production. Without continuous testing, the software's overall quality and stability suffer.

Failure to perform software regression testing will result in excessive costs associated with production incidents.


The Right Time to Perform Regression Testing Service

When the product is nearly ready for the particular release and is reliable enough to run the full regression suite


Regression Testing Tools

Software regression testing costs will rise if your programme is frequently modified. In these situations, manual execution of test cases lengthens test execution and raises expenses. In these situations, automating software regression test cases is the best course of action. The amount of test cases that can be used repeatedly for regression cycles determines how much automation is used.

Must Opt

Other testing services you must opt for with Regression testing

Once a product is stable, Automation Testing is advised as a component of regression testing.

The Thoughframeworkers and their experience in Regression Testing

Adding value to Regression Testing requirements:

Increase the number of development cycles

Achieve Resilience and ease of execution

Greater Scalability

Feature delivery in a timely manner.