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One of the critical software testing practices in software quality assurance is Performance Testing. In any Software Development Life Cycle, the software applications will have performance bottlenecks. The goal of Performance Testing Services is not to find bugs but to identify and eliminate those performance bottlenecks, which in turn will have a positive impact on the software application’s speed, responsiveness and reliability. Software Performance Testing makes way to meet the expected service levels in production.


Software Performance testing is a non-functional software testing, it is the practice in which the system is evaluated for its performance, responsiveness & stability of a computer, network, software program or device under a particular workload. The key aspects like speed, robustness, and reliability are evaluated


Why is Performance Testing & Engineering required?

  • To identify database and API related issues.
  • To enhance the website's performance, stability, dependability, reduce risk and more importantly enhance the brand reputation.
  • The success and productivity of the application depends directly on a planned and properly implemented performance testing which is the key to effective holistic digital strategy
  • To ensure a positive customer journey/user experience


Software Performance Testing Methods

Continuous Performance Testing

We follow and incorporate agile, DevOps and continuously integrate automation solutions into software development. This helps customers accelerate their ability to deliver.

 Capacity Planning

We understand the client’s current requirement and suggest capacity planning factoring in their future expansion. This involves evaluating the storage, computer hardware, software and connection infrastructure resources required for future periods.

Stress Testing

Stress Testing involves testing a software beyond its normal operational limits, often to a breaking point, in order to observe the results. It is particularly important for mission critical software applications. This will avoid the risks of failures and degradation of the services when there is a high load.

Load Testing

Applying demand on a software system and recording its response is referred to as load testing. We simulate several users who are currently accessing the application and evaluate the system's responsiveness under various conditions of load. This test often assesses the application's speed and capacity. Load testing is relevant for multi-user systems. 

Soak Testing/Endurance Testing

Soak testing is the process of testing a system to detect performance issues by generating significant user load for an extended period of time and then measuring and analyzing the behaviour of the system under test. 

Spike Testing

Spike testing involves rapidly increasing or decreasing the load generated by a large number of users and observing the system's behaviour. The goal is to determine whether the system can handle extreme variation in traffic.


What would be the right time to do Software Performance Testing?

Performance testing can be incorporated into either the Waterfall Model (we wait until the end of the development cycle to begin Performance testing) or the Agile Model (we start the performance testing from the very beginning with unit tests).

Must Opt

Other testing services you must opt for along with Software Performance Testing

  • Functional testing services 
  • Automation testing services 
  • Usability & Accessibility Testing
  • Security & Penetration testing
  • Cloud Native Application testing

Our Approach

Performance Testing Services Bug Hunt Process

The Thought Frameworks Software Performance testing and Engineering team helps the clients to identify, and overcome performance challenges and achieve highly responsive, reliable, scalable, and resilient mobile and web applications.

We at Thought Frameworks help our clients to achieve

  • Reduction in the % of average defect leak
  • We provide performance insight and accuracy in 4-6 hours
  • We ensure there is a 50% reduction in Software Performance Testing efforts
  • We suggest the best ways to reduce cloud and infrastructure costs.


 Thought Frameworks Performance Testing Services 

 Thought Frameworks Performance Testing Process

Identify & Analyze Non-Functional Requirement:


  • Understanding Application Under Test (AUT) Architecture
  • Non-Functional Requirements (NFR)Questionnaire - Identification and Understanding of critical scenarios
  • Understanding the details of the interface and the growth patterns
  • Getting NFR document signed-off by Client

Performance Test Strategy


  • Prepare and review data setup for Performance Tests
  • Defining in-scope and out-scope
  • Defining Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Defining Workload Models
  • Prepare, review Risks and Mitigation
  • Baseline the Performance Test Strategy document

Performance Test Design


  • Design and develop test scripts
  • Enhance the script for data parameterization
  • Perform Correlation for the dynamic data
  • Design the actions and transactions
  • Perform the unit testing of the developed scripts

Performance Test Execution


  • Design the scenarios as per the workload models agreed in the Performance test strategy
  • Execute the performance test scripts with the agreed user loads
  • Monitor the KPIs, health checks of the Application Under Test (AUT)
  • Collect the Results and logs

Performance Test Result Analysis


  • Collect Transaction Response times, Page Response times, throughput, errors, Hits per second etc.
  • Create graphs and charts
  • Correlate various graphs and charts
  • Prepare a detailed Test Report
  • Review and perform the analysis of the Performance Test Report
  • List down your observations and recommend performance tuning areas for the engineering team
  • Generate and prepare a detailed Performance Analysis Report and share among the Stakeholders

Benchmarks & Recommendations


  • Compare the results with the earlier execution results
  • Compare with the benchmark standards
  • Validate with NFRs
  • Prepare a Test report presentation
  • Baseline the Performance Report once reviewed

Performance Testing Tools

  • Apache
  • JMeter, 
  • NeoLoad
  • MicroFocus SilkPerformer
  • MicroFocus LoadRunner
  • Performance Center
  • Gatling

Application Performance Monitoring Tools

  • Dynatrace
  • Appdynamics
  • New Relic
  • Datadog
  • Perfmon


A Typical Performance Testing Service Environment

With over a decade of expertise in applying industry-standard solutions to conduct performance testing & Engineering to meet our client’s expectations. Thoughtframeworkers are a team of SMEs who assists customers in deploying high-performing apps that meet or exceed customer expectations by leveraging an integrated set of enterprise-grade performance engineering solutions that include intelligent analytics and support extensive integrations with DevOps and application performance monitoring (APM)

The Thoughframeworkers and their experience in Performance Testing

Adding value to Performance Testing requirements:

Increase the number of development cycles

Achieve Resilience and ease of execution

Greater Scalability

Feature delivery in a timely manner.