Ula is an Indonesia-focused marketplace app that uses technology to modernize distribution and credit in traditional retail. Its B2B marketplace provides small retailers competitive pricing, wide and accessible variety and favourable payment terms, all at the push of a button.

Functional Testing

Summary of the Product

Ula is a company that develops a marketplace app to modernize distribution and credit in traditional retail. It brings selection, prices, and payment credit to small and medium-sized retailers across categories such as FMCG, staples, apparel, and more. Mobile Applications: Sale App, Retailer App (only for android platform)

Defect Reporting and Test execution

  • Defects Logged into JIRA.
  • All the Blocker and Major defects communicated to the client as and when the investigation was complete.
  • Test case execution summary was sent in WSR reports directly to the client.
  • Test case execution in test rail(Test Management Tool)
  • Testing done in Stage Environment.


QA & Testing Challenges

  • Team had to put in extra effort to follow up with understand user stories & requirements
  • Screenshots & Figma design is missing in user stories.
  • No proper planning and schedules followed by the Dev. team, Testing under Time Constraint.
  • In general, Sometimes we face blockers and get stuck, need a quick fix in stg.
  • Often turning feature flag OFF and ON, impacts regression moreover blocks the regression because of a feature flag.
  • Ad-hoc requests sometimes consume time and deviate from the testing plan.
  • Spending more time on meetings.

QA Accomplishments

  • Setting up JIRA workflow.
  • API Testing done for all Backend tickets.
  • Created all the process documents.
  • Setting up postman(Environment Setup)
  • Using Android studio for testing mobile devices
  • Followed the Agile Scrum process.
  • Identified all the missing end user scenarios which had major impacts on the product.
  • User story Documentation done for every ticket team worked on.
  • QA need to validate bug ticket, once ticket status in QA.
  • Setting up of Beeper studio for DB Testing.

Team Communication

  • Regular communication via Slack.
  • DSR was sent to Client EOD.
  • Weekly Reports were sent and uploaded in Confluence every Friday.
  • Progress calls set up every week with Clients.
  • Regular Retrospective meetings held with the QA team to identify major items that went well and also the potential improvements.
  • Multiple modules handled and tested at the same time.
  • QA team need to attend following meetings :
    • Retail Tech – Sprint On-call Review
    • Story Points Assessment


  • Total Bugs raised till date- 906.
  • Total Test Case Designed till date – 2589