12Twenty is the only tool built from the ground-up to be used for collecting and reporting student employment data using innovative data acquisition technology.

Summary of the Product

12Twenty seamlessly and intuitively aggregates data, allowing career counsellors to obtain coveted statistics and generate essential reports with a single click. This reservoir of data can also provide students with groundbreaking tools to get the job they want. 12Twenty already provides university-wide visibility into key student data for over 200 higher education programs worldwide.


12Twenty is built using .Net Framework: with Web API HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, and Ajax. The test team is responsible for testing the product and ensuring it meets their needs.

Business challenges

The Application had to cater to large number of customers and had to be customized according to their needs. With new features been introduced every 15 days it was a real challenge to carry out the testing of the application.

Technical challenges

  • New features introduced every two weeks
  • Constant changes to the requirement during the development phase
  • Testing team had to constantly be in touch with the product manager for requirement changes
  • Feedback from testing team needed to be rapid and supportive to product team.
  • Identified test gaps for the features which required deeper coverage and also keeping in mind the existing features.
  • Testing team created all the data required for the feature testing
  • Test Coverage focused towards :
    • Functional Testing
    • Compatibility Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Mobile Testing
  • Test Phases
    • Requirement Analysis Phase
    • Test planning and preparation phase
    • Execution phase
    • Stability test phase

Progress and Coverage
  • All the new feature test case execution and reporting
  • All the Defects raised and assigned to developer using the bug tracking tool (JIRA)
  • Daily and Weekly QA status report summarizing the test execution summary, List of bugs raised and their status.
  • Cross browser testing of the application in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari (Mac)
  • Tests done in Dev, QA and Staging test Environment.
  • Mobile App testing for Android and iphones.

Defect Reporting

  • Log Defects into JIRA.
  • Defect  assigned to the project manager and reassigned to the development team for fixing
  • All the Blocker defect communicated to client as and when the investigation was complete

Project Challenges Faced

  • New set of Features for release every two weeks.
  • Test case updation regularly.
  • Requirement changes on a regular basis as per client needs.
  • Requirement understanding, clarifications, test case design, testing and reviews in span of two weeks.
  • Ad hoc testing and to be tested in a short time span.
  • Cross browser testing
  • Ramp up of resources as and when required by on site project manager was one of the biggest challenges.


  • Test plan was updated as per QAs suggestions and also the requirements were modified.
  • Design of more than 1000 test cases.
  • Test case updation of more than 1500 test cases on a regular basis.
  • Client appreciation for ‘Good Catch’ defects in every sprint.
  • Newly introduced major modules were made stable in a span of 2 months with QA queries and defects raised.

Initiations from us

  • Setting up weekly calls.
  • Sending weekly reports.
  • Suggest test management tools.
  • Feature walk through before the start of the sprint.
  • Suggest changes to testing process.
  • Created a query log to get the resolution to all the queries.


  • 1000 plus feature test cases designed during the project tenure.
  • 2300 plus various defects identified, fixed and retested.
  • 1000 plus test cases executed during sprint days.