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You Only Need These 5 QA Metrics to Improve Software Testing

You Only Need These 5 QA Metrics to Improve Software Testing

1 Quality Assurance Is a Balancing Act between Speed and Quality

In software development, there’s almost nothing more stressful than a hotfix—when a customer reports a bug that’s so severe everyone stops what they’re doing (no matter what time of day) to fix the bug. many teams start wondering what quality assurance metrics they should be tracking. A quick Google search will yield dozens of testing metrics you track to evaluate your QA program, but most of them won’t actually help you improve.


2 QA Metrics for Evaluating Test Effectiveness

The goal of software testing is to have confidence that the software product you’re about to release meets your quality standards.

Because quality is subjective, there is no absolute way to measure software quality— even the best QA metrics are only proxies for measuring quality. That being said, the following three metrics will give the best indication of how accurately your test results reflect the quality of your software.


3 Why Tools That Test the Underlying Code Miss More Visual Bugs

Most UI testing tools for web applications (like Selenium and Cypress) try to verify that an element is visible to the user by searching the underlying code of the page for a particular locator tag. If the test finds the element locator, the test will pass. However, there are reasons why the element locator can be present but the element won’t appear correctly to the end user:

A bug could render the element off of the end user’s screen.
A different element (like a popup) could be covering the element you’re testing for.
The size of the element could be extremely small or extremely large.


4 QA Metrics for Measuring Team Efficiency

Instead of looking to simply minimize total test hours, tracking your team’s efficiency is about finding the fastest way to perform all the testing activities you’ve identified as being essential to maintaining baseline quality.

In this section, we’ll describe our favorite software testing metrics for tracking efficiency and show how Rainforest QA can help your team produce faster results without reducing quality.


5 Improve your Quality Assurance with Rainforest

Rainforest QA will help you catch more bugs that your customers care about and make the entire testing process—from writing tests to classifying test failures—move faster. It’s a scalable, all-in-one test automation solution that’s appropriate for small teams just getting started with automated testing or QA-mature teams regularly running 500+ software tests.