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Game Testing - The Thought Frameworks Way!


The exiting part of game development process is testing phase. There are so many amazing video games available, but before going on to production release, each game gets tested carefully, during the game testing process. During this procedure, game testers search for problems including missing textures, unbalanced utilities, map gaps, page load time, and sluggish controls. Since quality control ensures that the user will have a faultless, entertaining, and interruption-free gaming experience, it is an essential step in the game creation process.

Why is Game Testing required?

Playtesting video games is crucial since it can reduce associated expenses. Making game levels that don't function or aren't profitable is the last thing any development team wants to do after investing weeks of work and thousands of dollars. Playtesting a game can ensure early detection of severe errors and looming issues.

Not every business has the funding for a sizable testing team, resources, and equipments. The target audience must find the visual design, gaming experience, ease of use, and control appealing. Game testing is crucial and essential to a game's success.

What happens if you don't do Game Testing?

If we don't test the games that are created, it results in a bad user experience, bugs when playing the game, a smaller user base, and less revenue.

Our Game Testing Approach

Our game testing service is available on many different platforms, including consoles, mobile devices, desktop apps, and game clouding. Experience and testing facilities alone can guarantee that the game runs without a hitch. Since games are also software, they are not unique from other applications that we test. No QA pore of any kind would be left by our internal testing team. Here are a few typical game testing methods:

  • Installation testing
  • Game scenario testing
  • Regression testing
  • Multi user testing and Multi browser testing
  • Usability / UI testing
  • Functional testing
  • Ad hoc testing
  • Localization testing¬†
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing

People can easily make a lot of claims online, but we are not among those that deliver an elephant and a mouse. We provide free pilot projects so you can try us out without cost and see how we work.

What would be the right time to do this test?

Best practices is for the testing team must be included from the very beginning of the game's development, but that said, if you are running the project for a while, we can give a better shape to the project in the middle too.

Our Game Testing Experience

Below is a list of project experience connected to games:

Akshara Foundation, Gumi, Arkadium, Trell, and many others.

Tools Used

  • Browser stack for game testing on mobile
  • Jira for project management and bug tracking
  • Test rail for test management¬†
  • Postman for game related micro services testing
  • For performance testing we use neoload, Jmeter

Other Services with Game Testing

Automation and Security testing.

The Thoughframeworkers and their experience in Game Testing

Adding value to Game Testing requirements:

Increase the number of development cycles

Achieve Resilience and ease of execution

Greater Scalability

Feature delivery in a timely manner.