Origin Market

We are responsible for ensuring that the origin products meet the highest standards of quality. The first thing we did was deep dive into understanding the domain and its complexities. The Agile-based project uses weekly sprints with a five-day cycle. Our development team shared release notes that include required tickets and details on fixed bugs. […]


Our TF QA team is coordinating with the client’s QA team to ensure the overall product testing activities are designed and managed well based on the PRD.


Our QA team has been trained for designing the regression test cases and testing the regular release sprints in BDD(Behavior Driven Development) format which helps to deploy builds on QA systems.

Free Agent

We designed and executes test cases, and conducts tests during each sprint. The team is responsible for signing off on production releases that occur frequently, so the team must remain focused in order to provide thorough test results/reports.