AlgOps – redefines future of integrated IT Operations


Automates the entire manual process of analysing and correlating incidents, across application and infrastructure landscape, triggered by events as captured by various existing monitoring tools or aggregated by Manager of Managers (MoM), with the help of machine learning algorithms and patterns.
What currently takes hours and sometimes days (depending on the priority of the incident/ticket) to achieve manually, can be now done in seconds as alerts unfolds in your environment.






AlgOps – Unfolds Time Machine capability


Unique time-machine capability to go back in time, mash the data for last 3-4 hours using software algorithms (on the fly) and produce top 5 to 10 changing KPIs (Key Performance Integrator) over the pre-set period at any given time. This helps the operation teams to identify top 5 suspects on the fly and narrow it down to the right team to resolve.
Thus provides real time contextual data to IT Operations team to act smarter, like never before.





AlgOps – Agent less & rule less solution that dynamically provides business transaction down clarity


With the help of customized adaptors it injects data (Metrics, KPI’s) from any monitoring tools in the environment, across Applications, network, hardware, etc and stores in its big data solution. Dynamically correlates Events with the behaviour patterns to arrive at the suspect – relate the cause with the symptom for each transaction anomaly.
As it cuts across layers, it suppresses all the false alerts / events and raise one single ticket with contextual data and suspect analysis. Drastically reduces the operational noise and enables teams to focus on things that matters most.

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